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Sites To Visit for Information about Living in Melbourne

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Often repeat myself a lot with different contacts for people so as this is a quieter forum than PIO thought we could have a sticky thread to give people some internet sites to help with settling in Melbourne, please add any that you have found helpful.



This site give all the public transport in Melbourne and is very handy if you know where you will be working to find suburbs with good transport links to work.



A site for finding a property to rent or buy



A site to find out if the property you are interested in has broadband and costs etc.



Leader newspapers which are the local area newspapers that come out once a week. You can access the papers from this site and find out all about an area you are interested in. They will also email them to your in box.



Department of early childhood and education which has a lot of information about all things schools and education.



Travel times and road works invaluable if you drive to work



A site which will give you information about all things phone, technical etc. Forum to join if you want to find answers.



If you are like me and get driven crazy by cold callers visit this site and exclude your phone from the list



This is the site you can visit to find out all about any medication you are taking and whether the same is available here in Aus and the price etc.

http://www.pbs.gov.au/pbs/consumer/browseby/product gives you the list of meds.



This is a site for all things babies to teens and has information about everything from schools to medical, childcare etc. Also has a forum you can join to find out from other mums and maybe make a friend or two in your own area. Way to meet the natives lol


Essential Baby is another site similar to Kidspot



Site to visit to learn all about renting and rental obligations, buying a home, have a faulty purchase and retailer being difficult this is the place to visit for help. All things consumer.



Medicare is our National Health System and if you visit this site it will give you all the information about how it works.


Good luck if I think of anymore will put them on

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And I'm always looking at carsales.com.au for cars...


I would add that I'm always on the realestate.com.au Android app when ever I get a spare minute - great to find the property of your dreams when on your work lunch break in the cold winter here in the UK!

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Hey - can anyone help me with finding holiday rental apartments / houses fully furnished? We need a place for a month when we arrive September. Thanks in advance x


http://www.airbnb.com best place to find temp accommodation

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BEDSSI is an excellent site from where you search international cheap student accommodation in Australia. They provide accommodation solution for students in their budget.

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