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Advice needed about pr to Victoria

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Let my start with my story. My husband's dad and brother moved to Victoria in 2003. We have recently decided we want to move there. The problem is my husband is a fully qualified gardener which in victoria is not a job requirement. He is also an engineer for openreach. All of his qualifications are in-house but is a qualified engineer. Question if telstra sponcered him would he need to pay of additional training to prove his skills and experince?

We have a place to live -family. Do you still get points for family sponcer?

I have multimedia qualifications but never got a job with them unfortunately but i have many years experience in administration and as a community warden. If a company sponcered me would that be enough?

All the websites ars like a minefield. Anyone got any advise? We want pr because if we move we want to do it once. We have a child and dobt want to move her everywhere for schooling reasons.

We are going to do the english test to obtain move points too. 

All advise grately appreciated 

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