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desperate to move

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Ever since I travelled to Oz in 2006 I have been desperate to move. 

We now have 2 children 10 and 6 both are totally on board and keen for the move.

The biggest issue is getting there.  Neither myself nor my husband have jobs that are in demand.  My OH does work for an Aussie based company in the UK so we are looking into the sponsorship route.  I am in Criminal Defence.  In the UK I am doing my CILEX but this is not recognised in Australia.  I have sent so many emails to so many firms that are within the postcodes eligible regional areas that can sponsor me. I have completed an EoI Via too. I am not sure what else I can do. If anyone knows of a Criminal Defence Solicitor who wants to sponsor me that would be fab :)

I have read a number of conflicting posts about education costs too, some say that it will costs $11000 primary and $15000 secondary and some say other that the usual costs for stationary there are not charges. 

thanks in advance for any advice and tips anyone can offer.



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