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The TechGuy

Its Taken 3 Years and 2 Long Stressful Court Cases to move to Oz, on the eve of the move, im worried !

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Hi everyone, Im a dad who separated from abusive wife, i took my two young children with.  I met an aussie who had been through similar situation who had two of her own young children.  We later married and had a baby.  So 5 kids in tow ! 

I had to go through two very stressful court cases to get permission to remove my two children from the UK (Leave to remove) but after 3 years of hearings and interviews, we got permission!  9 months to get my visa and in March this year we are set to finally relocate to Victoria, specifically a country town called Traralgon, where my wife has family.  Being from Cornwall Im quite happy with the idea of a country town.

This week we secured a rental property in the town, so we have somewhere to go to and all of our belongings gets collected in 2 weeks! 

So all this work, stress and planning and we are eve of the big move.......how come suddenly im getting worried???

Im going to be self-employed (like i am now), im going to be setting up a new business in a foreign country to which i have no idea how the 'system' works, Am I mad?  I felt confident about it in the past, but now im not sure :(

I repair mobile phones and computers and I also design and build retro arcade machines for peoples homes - how on earth is this going to work out in Oz??   I do well in UK but...I dnt know, head all over the place now.

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