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Help me pick my ideal suburb?

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Hi everyone!

I'm a Sydney born and bred girl where I spent majority of my life up until 2 years ago. My partner and I moved to Far North Queensland to Townsville for work. We are looking to move to Melbourne in 2018 and have absolutely no idea where to start looking. This is my first stop. So I thought I would tell you a couple things about myself and my partner and what we are possibly looking for in a home. Please keep in mind all of our requests are not clear cut and are not the be all end all in our decision. We do not require all of it and they definitely do not need to be in the same suburb, preferably in a 20-25 minute vicinity to where we choose to live! Any indicator as a starting point would be lovely.

1) We are 23 and 24 respectively.

2) We appreciate our own peace and quiet at times but are very adventurous and love to be in tune with what's going on around us.

3) We grew up in the suburb of Western Sydney which was the 1st for crime ten years in a row, then moved to Townsville where just recently has taken over the 1st spot -- so being in a 'dangerous' place isn't an absolute turn off -- anything can happen anywhere!

4) We'd like to feel safe enough to park our car in our driveway, at least!

5) We have two beautiful big dogs. We'd prefer a decent sized backyard.

6) If not, and in addition to, we'd love to be close to a dog park big enough for our working dog breed which apparently according to google requires 1 acre of running space (yikes!).

7) We do not have much of an upwards budget. We are looking to rent to start out with and are hopeful to find a good 2-3 bedder which is around $400-$450 a week.

8) I'd LOVE a scenic walking track or fitness inspired neighbourhood which would force me to get off my butt.

9) I'd like to live within a 15 minute walk to public transportation just in case our trusty SUV breaks down.

10) Did I mention we have an SUV? We would love to be somewhere that has easy access to a wide range of cultural places, i.e. nature walks, beaches, historical landmarks.

11) Within a 10-15 minute walk to a grocery store (I know, I ask too much!)

12) We do not go out on the town frequently but would like an area that has a couple of go-to destinations for food and drinks without going all the way into the CBD.

13) Did I also mention if I can have most my boxes ticked and live near the city, that would be okay too?

14) I'd like to be a couple suburbs over from a major shopping mall for all my girly needs.

15) We aren't currently looking into building a family in the near future. We just want to grow and have fun. Make some money.

16) I am a university graduate with a Bachelor of Forensic Science. I need a place to spread my wings and be close to any job opportunities which may arise.

17) I love quirky activities.

18) We are big muso's. Concerts are a MUST.

19) My partner loves cricket and football.

That's about it....... not that fussy, hey? As aformentioned, I do not need all of it. Probably not even half of it. Everything would be a bonus.

Please post your suggestions!

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