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Moving to Mt Martha with a little one

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Hello! I apologise if these topics have already been discussed at length previously. 

My partner and I are looking at moving to the Mt Martha / Mt Eliza area from St Kilda in the near future with our now 13 month old daughter.  Just wanting some advice on the area including schools, friendliness etc.  

My daughter may have a rare condition (purely physical..a form of Dwarfism), this is not yet diagnosed and we will not have confirmation or otherwise for at least another few months, however it's looking like my partner may be offered a job prior to us having the diagnosis.  So, keeping this in mind we obviously have to think quite carefully about the community, schools, bullying etc.  I'd love to hear about your experiences with schools in the area and i guess just the vibe of the area in general.

My partner and I won't know anyone in the area.  Is it an easy enough place to make friends and become an active part of the community?

Thanks in advance for your help. :) 

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