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Easy ways to watch TV channels from the UK

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Ever since we moved over 5 months ago, the hunt has been ongoing to see if there is a legal and genuine way of accessing channels from the UK. Internet searches throw up a number of adverts but a lot of these dont seem legit and very fuzzy on the details. For now, we have resorted to using VPN and other downloading means but its a pain and doesnt feel like we are actually watching TV. We have to plan exactly what we want to watch and play it from the laptop via HDMI to the TV, isnt great really.

We will eventually get used to Aus channels but in the mean time, can anyone recommend or suggest what viewing options are available? I accept all will be IP TV based off the home internet which is fine, just need to know if any company has the option of watching live, recording few shows overnight so we can watch the next day etc



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Short of using a vpn and all the hassle that goes with it, most of the UK stuff appears on BBCFirst and that is available through Foxtel on satellite and also an ad has just appeared here for Flip tv.   Don't know anything about the latter but the link is here:  https://www.fliptv.com.au/home/get-flip-tv/

Some of the UK stuff comes on ABC relatively quickly and the commercial channels regurgitate past episodes of reality tv ad nauseam. 

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