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6 Months in....

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Logged back here after so long and realised my last post was pretty much a year back!

Since then we moved to Australia successfully, managed to find jobs and renting in the City since Feb 2017. It's been a great experience so far and we are still learning a lot as we live the Aussie life (especially the freedom of late night weekend partying, great whisky bars and just about anything you want to do on a whim on work evenings)

We did go home hunting a few weeks back. Our criteria was clear, we had a budget in mind and a date to move in so after a few trips pretty much all across Melbourne we narrowed down on Saltwater Coast. It's a road behind Sanctuary Lakes Resort and falls within Point Cook. We heard and read a lot about traffic woes and the usual east versus west but to keep it simple, Saltwater ticked all the boxes for us and we are now finalising our builder to move into our lovely double storey sometime early next year.

We have a trip planned to Thailand in a few weeks, visiting folks in December and sorting out construction, mortgage, interiors and everything in between so life sure is keeping us busy. One thing I can definitely attest to, we've hardly had a weekend where we just plopped on the couch in front of the TV all through Saturday and Sunday. That was pretty much what we did most weekends in the UK and if nothing else, this alone is a great change to our lifestyle

Hope everyone else is doing well!!!



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