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House & Land package, Tulliallan, Berwick - help please :)

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Hello all,


We are looking at buying our own house and have been looking at house and land packages in the new estates around Berwick/Clyde North/Cranbourne North. The problem is that it is completely alien to us. Back home in the UK, the "new build" houses are basically all identical and built stage by stage then sold off. None of this buying a house and finding land or having to buy land then waiting for it to be titled etc. I am finding it very off putting due to fear of the unknown.


So, is anyone else currently planning on or have bought a house and land package?

How do you go about it? How much extra does it usually end up costing as I am noticing from a lot of Googling that things like fencing, driveways, landscaping are not included and also you can be out of pocket if they find protected animals living where they are clearing the land or that it is taking months to years for land to be titled?


Lots of questions. I suppose I am looking for a timeline of what happens and how much extra is actually costs compared to the, say $595,492 house and land package that is on offer...


Also, what builders to avoid??? Or recommended? Our total budget is up to $670,000 but we are looking at house and land packages around the $620,000 as this would give us our "dream" layout as I realise now that there are unexpected costs that we will need to make sure we ask to have included before we sign anything.


The furthest we have got so far is going around the show homes and have spoken to some of the sales people from various companies but they just get you to the stage where you have a figure, plan and brochures but the next thing is to make an appt with their finance people which is the part that we are wanting to make sure we get right.


Worrying about selling our house so we can move in when we are supposed to get the keys only for the house not to be ready as well. I have heard of this happening too but am hoping it is not the norm.


Thanks to you for reading and I hope someone can help me out here.

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Hi there.

we are in the process of doing this for Betwick waters :)

Slightly different though as have just bought a block (currently being used as the display home car park)

have you gotten amy further forward?

Are you in the area allready?

drop me a pm and I can let you know what we have found out :(

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