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New Friends in Melbourne

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Hi everyone!


Me and my fiancé moved to Melbourne in July this year. We are both on the working holiday visa (with the hope for my fiancé to get sponsored very soon).


We have a couple of friends that we have both met through work colleagues, but we are wanting to meet new people and extend our social group.


We are a very outgoing English couple, we love going out for coffee and cake, the occasional bike ride, drinks in the sun and enjoy eating at new places!


We are both hoping that Melbourne now coming into summer there will be more opportunities to get out and meet people.


Please feel free to message :)


Katie & Lee x

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I'm also from the UK currently working interstate but hoping to move to Melbourne this year (st kilda) I'm just debating if to sell everything and move or find a job first? I'm a hairdresser is there much work around do you think? How are you liking st kilda? Would be great to get someone else's opinion.:-)

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