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Hi my fellow members,


We are planning to move to Melbourne and just wanted to know the kind of area I should be looking at for residence. We are a family of three, wife and 8 year old son. What locality would you recommend where we can rent a place and I can find a job, in the mean while. Not too expensive, but not too far away from the main city.


Any suggestions are welcome!



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Unfortunately not to expensive and close to the main city does not happen. Anywhere within ten km from the city or 25 really can come very expensive. The cheapest option is a flat and two bedroom would be the norm. Where will you be working, Melbourne is a huge city the size of Greater London and with four million people you can live 100 km from your work . People usually choose beach, hills etc. The west of Melbourne is popular with Brits and other migrants as it tends to be cheaper. Its very flat land over there. If you look at the public transport site for Melbourne and follow the different train lines out, you will get an idea of how things lie. Then look up the areas that you are interested in on realestate.com.au and see if any rentals fall into what you have in mind.


Housing is very expensive these days in Melbourne due to demand. We have a high migrant intake and this makes the problem worse.


Do not dispair there are plenty of pages on Facebook from different areas that you may want to look at for information. Also look at the council for the area on wiki and see if it will suit your needs.


Good luck

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