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We moved to Warragul from Pambula about 2 years ago. We were considering buying here but I just feel a bit isolated as everything seems to be an hour away. I want to find out more about Mornington or Mt Marta. I discovered this area about 6 months ago. I think it has a nice feel and a bit more "happening". Our kids are currently in primary school and I thought long term they would prefer the lifestyle Mornington has to offer. I feel very safe in Warragul but it definitely has a rougher element at times.


Can anyone tell me about the Balcolme Grammar ? Peninsuala College and Toorak look great but these are out of our budget. It would be hard moving as our children love their current school and it has a lovely warm feel.

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Probably a bit late to reply but everyone that moves to that area says it was the best thing they ever done. Don't know much about the schools but haven't herd anything bad about any of them. Hard decision moving children from schools that they are happy in, always a tough call to make.

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The Mornington Peninsula is a beautiful area for families. It was once popular with wealthy retirees and was popular for large holiday houses near the beach. However, within the past few years it has changed into a family focused area. The private schools around Mt Eliza and Mornington are the best and Balcombe Grammar is very modern and popular as well. The schools in Mt Eliza definitely have the best academic performance but any would be a good choice. The beaches, schools, shopping area, bay/city views and semi-rural atmosphere further inland of the Mornington Peninsula make it a wonderful place to live. Toorak College is one of the top 50 schools in Melbourne for VCE and academic performance. The school was even ranked 30th in the state for VCE performance since 2014. The school is renowned for excellence in teaching and the students are very high achievers. Toorak College also has modern facilities with the new Science and Technology Centre coming in 2018. The primary school is also ranked 25th in Melbourne. Peninsula Grammar is also ranked in the top 50 in Melbourne. Padua is undergoing extensive renovating and development and Balcombe Grammar is a great choice for living in Mt Martha. The kindergartens and primary only schools are also great.m7.thumb.png.3d46608030b9dff7cd65fc9692379a30.png






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