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Point Cook - How is it?

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Hello Everyone,

Presently in the process of a 190 visa for me and my family.

After some extensive research of suburbs within Melbourne wehave decided Point Cook has to be the place for us. We love the new builds and the fact it is near to beaches,but, what else is in PC? I have tried to look on Google Maps but it is onlydisplaying images from early 2014, I would presume it ha change a lot since?

Can anyone tell me if there are some activities for childrenmore so boys? Perhaps football, rugby clubs and so on?

Also what is the town centre like? Does it have enough forday to day buys without having to travel into the City?

Does anyone live here and travel to the city? Is it doableby train or bus?



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Hi Ryan, don't live West so can't advise on specific activities in Point Cook. What I do know is that it is a big immigrant place, you may wish to have a good look at the beach in person before deciding it's the place for you, and everyone who lives there seems to complain about the journey to the city!!! Plenty of people live there though so must be OK!



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Hello Again,


We are coming over in Nov / Dec time to have a look around so I will be sure to check the beaches and of course the travel to and from PC into the city.


Appreciate your time!

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