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Point Cook, Altona Meadows and Caroline Springs : Versus Epping

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[h=2][/h]The days are flying by quick before we set out on our 2 week trip, can't believe May 12th is just a Thursday away :)

Unfortunately our PRs havent come through yet but that isnt dampening out spirit and we actually feel the excitement build up. I had previously written a lot about Epping as our main choice due to family but recently we took a step back, upped our budget a little and decided to take an honest look around for towns to visit when we arrive


And hence my post. We are unashamedly modern, love the open living plan, ensuite a must, prefer 2 storeys, dont really care much for a huge plot as long as its decent (by that I mean bigger than new build 'patch' gardens in UK these days), wouldn't miss a theatre room etc. Yes we like the community feel and nice neighbours but that is really down to individuals, it can't be found ready made and we need to make an effort. Crime is there everywhere, we need to make sure we dont chose the dodgiest street in town!


So, going on that scale and the very important part of being not more than 35 to 45 mins by train/car to the CBD we have started looking around. Yesterday, Wanted Down Under gave us a glimpse of the South West : Williams Town, Werribee, Point Cook and Altona Meadows. Straight away, I can say we liked the idea of PC and Altona Meadows. Some hunting and research later we found out reasons why living was affordable : no train station, community centre, limited places to hang around etc etc but mainly a choked single way out during peak times and getting more crowded every day. I then read that things have been improving recently but couldn't find a lot out. Question 1 from us : How is PC these days in terms of recreation and transport? I would always leave to work by 7:15am and dont think traffic is bad at that time


We also read up on Caroline Springs and bingo, another newish modern estate with homes that fit our bill and with under 30 mins to the CBD its splendid. But we have the same questions as above and given a choice, I get the feeling CS is better than PC and Altona but not clear why!!! Question 2: What's so bad about CS?


Don't get me started about Sydney. We have family there too, finally got their address and looked around. Not a lot of choice but hey, found decent houses in our budget and a 35 min drive from the CBD. Perked my interest more because I prefer hotter climate, better beaches and have more job opportunities compared to Mel.


Finally Question 3 : Any other new/established suburbs with modern homes we can visit when we are there? Ideal budget $500k but can stretch to $650k. We love Berwick and will visit but it's really quite far away. Epping, Lalor already on our list and so is Bundoora


Thank you!



(Karen n Ken)

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Melbourne has those that live one side of the Yarra and those that live the other. Its always been like that. Point Cook and the west is very flat land, not many nice beaches, you have to go down past Geelong to get nice beaches.


I live on the Mornington Peninsula which is wonderful but too far from the CBD for a lot of people. However I could not live in the west or the north of Melbourne, it just does not appeal to me at all. I am biased of course. Have lived here for over 40 years now and would not live anywhere else in Melbourne.


A lot of people like Point Cook for the new houses.


Double story are becoming popular but not really suitable for the climate in my view, they get very hot in summer due to the heat rising. Low lever houses are the most popular as long as the block is big enough for them.


Its really what you like as individuals.



Not much neighbourly stuff going on in the new estates due to everyone working and no-one walks here, most families have two cars and no legs.

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Thanks Petal,


I get what you are saying and I know it sounds sad but PC sounds like something we may actually like. There is a new estate in Thomas town just below Epping/Lalor and we did a street view look of it. Wow, we would never live in a town like that. Its a quiet suburb, mostly established people living for 15 plus years but after we spent 15 mins on street view we confirmed it isnt the town for us. Too old, no major stores close by, looks run down and mainly filled with fast food joints which look grubby too (way too may kebab and pizza shops). Guess we are just spoilt living in bigger cities, newer homes with busy families and convenience at our door steps.


Epping seems more down our street but its such a young suburb that there are no trees around, just saplings everywhere but PC does seem to be an older suburb and we have seen nice homes closer to the main roads which suit us very well. Takes care of peak hour traffic issues and gives us what we are looking for.......cant wait to land next weekend and start walking and visiting places




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Thomas Town, Epping and Lalor are suburbs which were very affordable for a lot of people. However suburbs that are within 15 to 20 km from the city are being gentrified these days as the prices are rising and people find they cannot afford the suburbs they prefer. Point Cook is very popular with Brits and I think from memory but have not seen it myself there is a Facebook page for Point Cook residents. Where I live we have a blend of small towns, farm land, horse studs etc, the beach. its an hour from the city by car and train. Express trains run on the Frankston line in peak. A lot of Brits settled in the area and still continue to do so right from the sixties till now. Mornington is very popular with Brits too.

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