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Finding work as a returning Australian citizen - 3 month min. stay requirement?

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First off, please do not be offended by my poor english!

I'm in a tight spot and I'm hoping for some revelation from people more accustomed to the Aussie regulations.

I'm a divorced (European) parent and my ex-partner (Australian citizen) wants to go back with our daugther to Australia, Victoria, to visit family and relatives for a few months.



We've been living in Europe for 4 years (seperately for 2 years with our daughter living with one parent every other week) and we're not on the best of terms.

We're both in new relationships which are working well (I at least assume my ex's relationship is working well because they had a baby shortly after they started dating).


I do not have any problem with my ex visiting Australia with my daughter since I find it important for my daughter to have contact with that side of her DNA.

What I do have a problem is the length of the visit. She claims that a minimum of a three month employment is needed for her to pay for the trip. I'm not very happy with the idea of not seeing my daughter (with the exception of a few skype sessions)..


I tried to do some research about aussies returning home to work to see if there's a "minimum stay in order to get a work visa" - the person in question should still be an Australian citizen (the person does not have a new citizenship in Europe), but I couldn't find any info.


So I'd greatly appreciate if anyone can just give me something to back up any arguments because I know that the grandmother of my daughter will be paying for the trip so the economic aspect isn't really holding. It's a long way to Australia but that doesn't mean a month or a bit longer isn't enough.


Also, if anyone else has any kind of experience of a similar situation please feel free to comment. I do not want to be unfair but I can't see what good can come from my daughter being away from me for so long, being the cornerstone of her upbringing.

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Hi - there are absolutely no restrictions around the length of time an Australian citizen can or cannot stay in Australia for any reason.


She does not need a visa and is not eligible for one.



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