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I'm looking to move to Melbourne next year. I'm 20 and my partner is 23

I'm trying to make a plan and get some ideas of costs of things and things i need to think about that i probably havent and wouldnt have thought of.

I'm planning to get a working visa (as a hairdresser) however if there are other options which will allow me to stay there permanently or for 4+ years until I can apply for citizenship then I'm 100% open to these options.


I'm looking into everything at the moment -

Finding a salon job

Finding an apartment (would love a big family house in the future but not priority right now)

Phone contracts

Bank accounts

Learning to drive

Buying furniture

Finding healthcare

Cost of living - electricity/gas/water/council tax etc

Home broadband and TV packages

Local shopping/restaurants things melbourne has to offer!


I know its alot but im trying to get an idea of everything :)

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