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Buzzy--Bee    10

When we first moved to Melbourne 7 years ago, I met up with a poster from a forum like this the week we arrived. I asked him whether after a few years living here, he still felt excited by his move, or whether life had become routine and humdrum. He replied that he still regularly had "Melbourne moments".


At the time, I didn't understand what he meant. To us, everything was new and different and exciting, the beach, the cafes, the vineyards, the bush, the houses, and so on and so on.


Now, after several years here I totally understand what he meant. I get my "Melbourne moments", where even though I am doing many similar things I have done for several years, I am reminded that I now live in an exotic foreign location.


It's seeing rainbow lorikeets or sulphur-crested cockatoos fly overhead. When I'm on the freeway.

It's watching as the traffic stops to let people get off a tram.

It's looking in the crystal clear sea water on a bright blue winter's day and seeing the bottom of the ocean.

It's seeing a mini-roundabout, and noticing it has a great big gum tree in the middle of it.

It's watching small children walking to school by themselves.

It's the number of large palm trees in St Kilda or Albert Park.

It's finding a laneway that I never knew existed, even though I walked past it many times.

It's the view from The Shrine up St Kilda Road.

It's riding on a tram on a warm blue-sky day with the breeze blowing through the open windows.

It's watching my kids play netball on a sunny winter's weekend morning.

It's driving back from work, down Beach Road, on a hot summer's day, with the top down, the music up, and seeing all the beachgoers in their boardies and bikinis, and thinking "I am sooooo lucky to be able to live here!"



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Beautifully written BB. Even after 33 years here I still get those moments. I am writing this from the town where we emigrated from in Wales, and after 2 days of being here, I am missing my home. Back there, in Victoria, where I belong.

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Petals    52

I remember the first day I arrived in Aus and I still feel the warmth of that day and the blue sky. The difference is what I like

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ekramul    10

Genarraly Melbourne is much colder specially in early morning and at night i remember the day when i first arrived and that's the coldest night which i love.

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