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Rental Property Owners and Selling Property in Melbourne - Please Read

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Accommodation Owners - Short or Long Term Rentals in Australia and Property Sales





Currently we do not permit unauthorised advertising and ask that business members all follow the same guidelines. However, we have had a number of enquiries from members wanting to advertise their property to rent or for sale. After taking these enquiries on board we have agreed to the following:





Property Owners who wish to promote their property on the forum may do so in the following way:





1) Continue with a free signature as long as they are an active member*

2) Make one thread in the Accommodation Available forum which can be updated with the latest availability and prices (please note we will not permit more than two updates per week unless agreed to by one of the mods/admin). The prices of this option can be found below.

3) Sponsor the Forum - this includes a banner and the ability to reply to members on the forum who are asking for rentals. Please contact admin for prices





Advertising Rates





$195 per year (12 month period)

$50 per year for active members*





An active member is someone who posts regularly on the forum, helping other members with enquiries and providing useful information on their area/suburb. An active member needs to have made a minimum of 200 posts in the last 3 months.





For Example: Jane has just purchased a 2 bed furnished rental which once decorated will be available for rent. She has decided to take out advertising at the end of March for a 12 month period. This means that to secure the discounted rate Jane must have made 200 posts over the months of January/February and March so around 16 posts a week.













If you require further information please pm myself or email admin@lifeinvictoria.com

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