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Found 4 results

  1. Hi We have been told very confusing information - we get told that we can apply for a mortgage after we have been in work for 3 months and then by someone else we have to be in work for 12 months. This is very very annoying and not helping us plan - does anyone have any ideas??? thanks Amanda
  2. Tpah

    Your opinion matters!

    Hi all, I'm new. I am an early childhood educator living in Singapore. My husband and I are keen to migrate to Australia and was thinking of Melbourne or Sydney. The idea to migrate was playing at the back our minds for sometime and just last week, we have decided that we will do this! Its just the two of us so we reckon it'd be easier to move now than later. I am glad to find this forum and am hoping and looking forward to any advise anyone has to offer. Cheers.. Tpah
  3. I work for a college here in Melbourne and one of the courses we offer is the Children's Services. You need these quals to work in Child Care and we have over 380 Child Care Centres in Australia who take our students on work placement (most students then secure paid work from the centre they were placed in). For those of you looking for a pathway to sponsorship, MEGT also offers graduates of our Diploma in Children's Services sponsorship for the TRV (subclass 402) visa which allows you full-time work rights. I am not wanting to misrepresent my post, so I just want to let you know about MEGT Institute and offer to assist if you have any questions. Good luck with the move, and see you in Melbourne!! Tim tim_field@megt.com.au +61 3 9639 0000
  4. excitedhalls

    Work for sheet metal workers

    Hello My huband works as a sheet metal worker and we have our visas granted and planning to move out to melbourne in May 2012. Does anyone have any ideas where the best industrial areas are - or motor sport related areas. Appreciate any advice - we have no jobs yet and dont know where to start. Many thanks