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Found 8 results

  1. Hi. I am new to this forum. We are thinking of moving to the Mornington/Mount Martha/Mount Eliza area. We are living in the Yarra Valley at the moment. We are out here just over a year. We have 3 children, aged 6,8 and 10. My eldest daughter will be starting High School in a year and a half so we want to move to a good area with good state primary and High Schools and a safe place to live with children. Any information on what these areas are like to live in, what the schools are like, would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  2. Hi, We are are on our countdown for our move to Mornington before the end of this school term/end of year. We are hoping to start our children in primary school before the end of term so that it is not totally new to them, at the start of next year. We are looking at either Bentons or Osborne primary schools. We are now starting to look at rentals in the Mornington area, and will go there again this Saturday to view a few places that are open for viewing. We have spent nearly every weekend heading to the Mornington area to get a feel for it and are very excited about the move. While we know the area around the main street and the beach we probably dont know enough about what areas are good for renting in, what the schools are like, what areas to avoid for families. If anyone has any inside information on areas to rent/good schools or any information at all on Mornington we would be delighted to hear from you. Our oldest daughter will be in Grade 6 next year so we have to look at High Schools too. Any information, no matter how small would be great, Thanks, Mariejo
  3. Hello, we are planning to move from Singapore to Australia at the end of this year, early next year. My 8 year old daughter is fluent in Chinese and we would like to keep that up. Any schools at the peninsula teaching Chinese? Any other information, like private tuition or such is highly appreciated. Alternatively we would consider moving to another area (max 2h out of Melbourne) if you can recommend a great Primary school with chinese. thank you so much
  4. Hi, We moved to Australia 2 years ago and my eldest daughter moved into Grade 4. At the time I was considering Grade 3 or Grade 4 for her. We are now moving to a different area of Melbourne and my daughter is due to start in the new school in January. She is due to start in Grade 6 but I am considering her repeating Grade 5 in the new school as I feel she wouldnt be ready to start in High School in 12 months. She has just turned 11. In Europe she wouldnt be starting secondary school until September 2017 whereas here it would be January 2017. 9 months earlier is a long time at that age. Just wondering has anyone else done that? Or what age do most kids start High School here? Just thought with the change of school it might be a good idea to repeat a year, so she has 2 years in the new primary school before changing school again to High School. Any feedback would be great for anyone else who has moved to Australia and experienced this? Thanks.
  5. Hi All, We just moved to Berwick (we are building a house in Berwick waters) and searched for a primary school for my son to start prep next year. Due to our location I only had three options Berwick Primary, Brentwood Park Primary and Berwick chase. Berwick primary responded saying it's full and I added my self to waiting list. out of other two. I didn't like the attitude of the principle of Chase and open class room thing. Brentwood park principle was very good and knew students by name. Also the students seemed well focused even when we were walking around them. So I submitted the enrolment form then and there as we are running out of time. However the schools looks a bit old and I do not see much on it on the forums However today I got a call from Berwick primary saying we have a slot available. Could anyone tell me whether ignoring it and going with Brentwood be a good idea? both schools have good statistics on mySchool website but I still haven't seen Berwick Primary. I am all stressed out with all these including building the house etc. But I really need the best for my son. I need to take a decision very soon Thanks in advance Vilani
  6. aduffield

    Williams Landing Schools

    Hi all, Is there anyone out there who has their children in a Primary School in or around Williams Landing? We have found some schools in Altona which are about 15 minutes away but wondered if there are any in and around WL? Any help or advice is greatly appreciated. Cheers guys Andy
  7. Hi all, I will be working in Port Melbourne so we are too-ing and fro-ing between looking for 'more for your money' properties on the West side of Melbourne and 'more established but expensive' properties on the East Side. Williams Landing looks an attractive proposition for basing the family but I am unsure as to the primary school situation and also the commute time. I hear the station can be stupidly busy in a morning? I am contemplating getting a scooter (an engined one ) and using that to get to Port Melbourne. Is there anyone out there who A) lives in Williams Landing and can give me some tips, or B) lives around there and can give some good advice on commute and schools? Cheers in advance, Andy
  8. We are both teachers who are moving to Melbourne in the new year with our two young children (aged 5 and 7). Applying for jobs like crazy but not getting very far so may look at doing supply work to get our foot in the door. We arrive Jan 2nd and will spend time driving around suburbs to check out where to live. Trouble is, do not know where to start. Ideally want to be based out of the city with good primary schools for the children. Any suggestions for areas to add to our short list would be appreciated. Thanks in advance. Steve and Karen