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Found 3 results

  1. Csj1987

    Sibling with Mental Challenge

    Hi all,My husband and me are currently considering to migrate to Australia but was made aware that there may be difficulty in granting PR status to family member who has forms of disability.My husband have a brother who is mentally challenged due to his child birth but he is perfectly normal. He is just a bit slow in learning and has no other forms of physical disability.He is currently working in a church as a social worker. Previously he used to work in a factory and he is able to converse normally.We will be his direct guardian since now my mother in law is not around and our father is getting aged. That's why we are hoping to bring him along to Australia in the future.Would appreciate if anyone here can shed some lights on how should we go about this? ThanksRegardsCSJ
  2. loogieboogie10

    Latest Migration Trends for Australia

    For those of you interested, here is the latest on Migration Trends from DIAC. http://www.immi.gov.au/media/publications/statistics/australia-migration-trends-2011-12/
  3. Guest

    Moving to Melbourne from UK

    My husband and myself and our 3 children (LillyElla 4 Toby 3 and Isla 3mths) are oping to migrate to Melbourne - Rob is a plumber and is in the process of the vetassess process... Im researching the state and would like to know a few things for my budget calculations... Average prices of 3 bedroomed house rentals? If you know of any good rental companies I could talk to directly using the wonder of the internet would be appreciated.... All the utilities.... Internet and telephones.... Average Food Bill...... A good suburb in Melbourne close to the beach but easy city access?? My Husbands a plumber gas engineer and we hope for him to be employed in the city but equally my children ABSOLUTLEY ADORE the beach, talk about it all the time so to be close to the beach would be a great advantage to us...... Your help feed back and comments are truely worth their weight in gold and I thank you in advance for any help advice given to help me on my migration to Australia... Kelly xx:biggrin: