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Found 3 results

  1. srangi

    Migration to Melbourne

    Hi All My wife and I, with 2 young children (aged 4 and 2) are migrating to Australia in October 2016. We have PR Visa. I work in IT, wife works in Health. We have used a migration agency to help get the Visa. My question is, where do we start with everything else? What is the logical order of getting things done? There are so many thoughts in our minds to think about accommodation, schooling, jobs, medical care, insurance, removal house belongings, setting up Oz bank accounts, etc, etc. I would greatly appreciate some kind pointers of where to start. Thanks Surj
  2. Tpah

    Your opinion matters!

    Hi all, I'm new. I am an early childhood educator living in Singapore. My husband and I are keen to migrate to Australia and was thinking of Melbourne or Sydney. The idea to migrate was playing at the back our minds for sometime and just last week, we have decided that we will do this! Its just the two of us so we reckon it'd be easier to move now than later. I am glad to find this forum and am hoping and looking forward to any advise anyone has to offer. Cheers.. Tpah
  3. moving2melbourne

    Melbourne's Realestate

    THERE'S been a lot of bad news around the Melbourne market this year, prompting an air of pessimism about the state of our real estate. But there is one ray of data sunlight to take away some of the winter chill: Melbourne no longer holds the title of the most unaffordable housing market in Australia. Residex figures show the unwanted honour has headed north again, back to Sydney. We can't gloat too much, as Melbourne still comes in second place. The Residex data shows Melbourne households spend about 44 per cent of their income paying off the mortgage. Residex chief executive John Edwards says about 35 per cent is a "comfortable'' level. He says paying more will have an impact on families and the housing market. In another bright spot, auction clearance rates are nudging upwards. A comparison of the past 12 weeks shows there were only two weekends when the clearance rate was worse than the same time last year, and the past two weeks it has headed towards 60 per cent. The Real Estate Institute of Victoria cautions against reading too much into a couple of weeks of results. But the number of auctions this weekend jumps to about 500 -- up from 336 last week and 374 the weekend before. Real Estate Institute of Victoria chief executive Enzo Raimondo says the bigger numbers will test the market. "The last fortnight has seen the market return to trend after the year's low point of 52 per cent in the week ending July 9,'' he says. "This weekend will help reveal if that improvement was due to low stock levels or improved sentiment.''