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Found 4 results

  1. Hi, We are are on our countdown for our move to Mornington before the end of this school term/end of year. We are hoping to start our children in primary school before the end of term so that it is not totally new to them, at the start of next year. We are looking at either Bentons or Osborne primary schools. We are now starting to look at rentals in the Mornington area, and will go there again this Saturday to view a few places that are open for viewing. We have spent nearly every weekend heading to the Mornington area to get a feel for it and are very excited about the move. While we know the area around the main street and the beach we probably dont know enough about what areas are good for renting in, what the schools are like, what areas to avoid for families. If anyone has any inside information on areas to rent/good schools or any information at all on Mornington we would be delighted to hear from you. Our oldest daughter will be in Grade 6 next year so we have to look at High Schools too. Any information, no matter how small would be great, Thanks, Mariejo
  2. Mornington teen anonymous

    High schools near Mornington

    I'm in year 11 and want to do VCE however my current school doesn't offer it. I need to move schools in order to do this in the 2 year time frame and don't think that I would be able to stick with Distance Education. I have been doing some research on schools near me however however don't know very many people from other high schools on the Mornington Peninsula so don't have any unbiased opinions. I have been looking at Padua College but I would love second opinions and some other people's experiences with Padua and the other schools around. I used to attend Mornington Secondary College however I found it to be a terrible place to attend. I would like to do Psychology, Legal studies, Health and human development and philosophy however am willing to change depending on the school. Any feedback on schools in the Mornington Peninsula area would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  3. Hi, We moved to Australia 2 years ago and my eldest daughter moved into Grade 4. At the time I was considering Grade 3 or Grade 4 for her. We are now moving to a different area of Melbourne and my daughter is due to start in the new school in January. She is due to start in Grade 6 but I am considering her repeating Grade 5 in the new school as I feel she wouldnt be ready to start in High School in 12 months. She has just turned 11. In Europe she wouldnt be starting secondary school until September 2017 whereas here it would be January 2017. 9 months earlier is a long time at that age. Just wondering has anyone else done that? Or what age do most kids start High School here? Just thought with the change of school it might be a good idea to repeat a year, so she has 2 years in the new primary school before changing school again to High School. Any feedback would be great for anyone else who has moved to Australia and experienced this? Thanks.
  4. MarieJo

    Mornington High Schools

    Hi, We are starting to look at High Schools in Mornington for our 10 year old girl who will be in Grade 6 next year. Just looking for some advice on High Schools in the Mornington area? Whats Mornington Secondary School like? Or any other High schools in the area? Does anyone have any children who are going to or have gone to this school? Or any other High School in the area? Any help would be great. Thanks.