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Found 2 results

  1. Hi everyone My partner and I are both living and working in Durban, South Africa. He is a doctor and I am an admitted attorney. We are very serious about moving to Melbourne as it looks like an amazing city to live in, but we are quite unsure what the steps are that we need to be taking, and I was hoping someone here could assist. I don't think my partner would have much difficulty coming over and finding work in his field, as I think medicine would probably be the same all over the world? (Please correct me if I am wrong) With a South African LL.B and being admitted as an attorney in the High Court of South Africa, I might be finding it more difficult to find a job in the field of Law, and I would like to know what I can do to start the process, alternatively what I can do to be eligible to even work as a corporate legal adviser, if at all possible. Also if anyone can provide assistance in the general process and in providing names of trusted companies to assist with the emigration, as we are afraid of possible con-artists, and would not even know what would be seen as danger signs. I look forward to your responses. Thanks Stefan
  2. The Department of Immigration and Citizenship has launched a blog to help promote Australia’s skilled migration policy and contribute to an informed public policy-making environment. The blog will highlight existing skilled migration policy, flag potential program changes and be a vehicle for engagement with the community to increase awareness about skilled migration in Australia. These programs include the temporary 457 visa program, the permanent employer-sponsored programs and the permanent general skilled migration program. The first blog post focuses on enterprise migration agreements (EMAs), a policy response to the tight labour market in the resource sector. “We want communication to occur across a number of channels, not just in print media. This can be seen in the development of the department’s Facebook page http://www.facebook.com/DepartmentofImmigrationandCitizenship and YouTube channel http://www.youtube.com/immitv” a departmental spokesman said . “The department is committed to communicating effectively with the Australian public. This blog will assist the department to connect with a vast range of clients, stakeholders and interested people. “We hope that a host of different visitors are drawn to the blog – clients, peak bodies, journalists, academics, government agencies and the general public, to further engage in a discussion about skilled migration and the role it plays in the labour market and the economy as a whole,” the spokesman said. The skilled migration blog is supported and hosted by the GovSpace initiative that enables online engagement for government departments. This initiative is a product of the Government 2.0 taskforce of 2009-10, chaired by Dr Nicholas Gruen. GovSpace is driven by the Department of Finance and Deregulation and the skilled migration blog is now one of more than 60 spaces, hosting around 2000 articles. Visitors to the skilled migration blog, www.skilledmigration.govspace.gov.au, will be able to explore different aspects to skilled migration over the coming months. The department will update the blog regularly.