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  1. Is Paypal going nuts?

    After making thousands of dollars off of me, you just sucked me over 15 minutes ago. Can't wait to get on the phone with you! Hope you're glad. Black card protection goes pretty far against dumb charges like this. You lost me as a client forever. Nothing related to it on net except How to Chargeback on PayPal to Get Your Money Back Any help in this regard would be appreciated.
  2. Some nice hangout places in Victoria

    He's going for bachelor's degree in Business studies. he's 21.
  3. 189 visa help required

    Sorry for replying late, I was not coming here often and I couldn't see any notification here. May be this forum needs an update. Things are getting stale here.
  4. 189 visa help required

    I believe once it's posted it can't be undone untill a very short period of time. That is only 10 to 15 mins after posting. Otherwise, it can't be done. No need to delete it now. Tag a moderator or PM him and tell him to archive the post. He'll do it, if he's active.
  5. Some nice hangout places in Victoria

    Why do people read but not reply to these posts?
  6. Game of throne on kodi

    Found this one. I am following my show on it via GOT without HBO
  7. Game of throne on kodi

    I have kodi with me and I was wondering if I'd be able to watch game of throne on it as it is airing here in UK on 17th July. Kodi: version 17 Do let me know which addons do I have to add to be able to watch it. I am new to kodi
  8. Renting a home

    Give more details. I might get you hooked with my friend who is into dealings.
  9. Any festival coming up this September?

    Keep it mind, I'll be visiting this place with my wife, brother and mom.
  10. Mount Eliza schools

    PM me or tag me to the post. Thanks
  11. I am visiting Victoria this September would love to know if there is anything lined up for September there? May be a Marathon sort or anything social. I will reach there by 2nd September 2017. They stay would be 4 months long. I believe if work went fine I'll be spending my New years there too
  12. Mount Eliza schools

    If you have by any chance gone to Kunyung, may I know when the admissions are getting opened?
  13. 189 visa help required

    I believe some more details would have served you with an answer. Try posting it again with more details and delete this one.
  14. What would you guys recommend for furniture for a house which is near sea? Using wood is a good idea or no?