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  1. Moving to Melbourne

    You might have some luck in the northern suburbs on that budget. South and south eastern suburbs within 30 to 40 minutes from the city, will probably be $800k or more
  2. Moving to Melbourne in Jan 2017

    If you are looking for cheaper accommodation options in the initial months, you can search in the Western suburbs. Gumtree is a great website to get started if you don't mind shared accommodation.
  3. Return on a 189 visa

    Their entire system is electronic now, your visa is associated to your passport number, you do not need a label. And yes, you can leave for 6 months and come back without a problem. The only thing this will affect is when you would be eligible to apply for citizenship
  4. Hello Friends

    Don't forget to check out the country!
  5. New Friends in Melbourne

    You can also try They have all kinds of groups in there.
  6. UK & Melbourne School Years & Melbourne Schools

    The schools in the south eastern region are the best in the city
  7. Primary schools with LOTE Chinese at Mornington Peninsula?

    Generally, the schools offer Chinese (amongst other languages) as electives.
  8. Taxi from airport to downtown...

    If you're just going to the city (downtown), the Skybus is the cheapest way to get there and the buses run every 10 to 15 minutes I think, check their website, I've used them almost every time to go the airport.
  9. Attractions in Melbourne

    love the MCG!
  10. Advice on short and long term rentals

    AirBnB will definitely be more reasonably priced than any commercial serviced apartments.
  11. Living in Melbourne - The good and the bad

    Depends on your priorities and preferences, but here's what I think about Melbourne: Good: A well-planned city, plenty of opportunities for business and professional development Bad: Weather quite unpredictable - Winter in particular, expensive - inflated real estate
  12. Funds Transfer to Australia

    Direct transfer will work just fine as long as you have the correct numbers and SWIFT codes for the bank.
  13. Moving to Melbourne September 2015

    Why don't you try an AirBnb apartment instead.
  14. If you want cheap rent in Melbourne, consider the western suburbs.
  15. Int..potental move from Adelaide to Melbourne

    I think Melbourne offers way more opportunities than Adelaide, to be honest. Also, Hawthorn is a great suburb and quite family friendly, but also not too remote or far from the city, the perfect balance in my opinion.