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    best tuition

  5. Tutoring Centre

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  6. Tutoring Centre

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  7. Good day, I need anyone assistance, I have a Supply Chain Background and a specialist in Procurement. I was wondering if anyone could assist me recruiters details or know of anyone looking for new personal. I am 36 years old and worked in Supply Chain for last 15 years in various roles , I would like to immigrate and provide my family with an equal future, I have a daughter of almost 1 year and want to offer her a future. I believe I could contribute to any organisation given the chance. I am also willing to work from the bottom growing with any organisation in an efficient and effective manor. I have mostly worked in the mining and engineering industries but have had exposure to construction too. Any assistance or advise from anyone would be appreciated Regards
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  11. Tutoring Centre

    Tuition Centre in Cranbourne

    Tutoring Centre is a leading tuition centre in Cranbourne. we have talented math tutor,english,science tutor for primary tuition classes. Secondary tuition classes conducting by VCE specialist maths tutor, physics, chemistry and biology tutor.
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  13. mornington

    Berwick Vs Mornington

    The Mornington/Mt Martha/Mt Eliza area are very popular with poms and actually have the largest population of brits in Melbourne. Definitely an ideal choice! The beaches are beautiful too.
  14. mornington

    Thinking of moving to Mornington

    Mt Eliza/Mt Martha/Mornington are great family friendly areas on the peninsula. Beautiful beaches too!
  15. mornington

    Countdown is on for move to Mornington.

    Mt Eliza, Mt Martha and Mornington are great places for families by the beach. Bentons is a good school however the main Mornington Primary School has recently been expanded and developed.
  16. mornington

    High schools near Mornington

    Padua is a far better school. The newly built facilities and expansion also make the school very attractive.
  17. mornington

    Mornington area

    The Mornington Peninsula is a beautiful area for families. It was once popular with wealthy retirees and was popular for large holiday houses near the beach. However, within the past few years it has changed into a family focused area. The private schools around Mt Eliza and Mornington are the best and Balcombe Grammar is very modern and popular as well. The schools in Mt Eliza definitely have the best academic performance but any would be a good choice. The beaches, schools, shopping area, bay/city views and semi-rural atmosphere further inland of the Mornington Peninsula make it a wonderful place to live. Toorak College is one of the top 50 schools in Melbourne for VCE and academic performance. The school was even ranked 30th in the state for VCE performance since 2014. The school is renowned for excellence in teaching and the students are very high achievers. Toorak College also has modern facilities with the new Science and Technology Centre coming in 2018. The primary school is also ranked 25th in Melbourne. Peninsula Grammar is also ranked in the top 50 in Melbourne. Padua is undergoing extensive renovating and development and Balcombe Grammar is a great choice for living in Mt Martha. The kindergartens and primary only schools are also great.
  18. hello,

    my family and i are moving to melbourne next year and we dont know where to start with schools. Son will be 11 when we move so probably in year 6. please advise some of the public schools to consider

    thank you

  19. Hi Hayley, Just checking if you decided to live in Bundoora after all. We are moving from Malaysia and quite keen to move to Bundoora too. Please share your experience with me.
  20. slknv

    Apply here or there??

    Hi, I am in Geelong and its great and just shifted from California and I am satisfied and doing job in Sounds Like Home https://www.aushoppinghub.com/brand/sounds-like-home/ and my wife is doing nursing job in a hospital.
  21. Sam_Shaile

    Migration agents in Australia

    Hi, I am planning on applying for the Partner Visa. My partner is based in Melbourne. We have been in a long distance relationship for 2 years now. We don't live together for (2 different continents). However, we do spend at least 1-2 months together every year. I was thing of applying for the visa through an agent based in Australia; I feel they may have better insight into how to help us best. I am looking for established agents with a good record in partner visas. I was wondering if any of you had any suggestions or at least an opinion on our case. Do you think getting the visa will be very challenging? Thanks
  22. HansLammerts

    Useful Information for Poms moving to Victoria

    Hi, I find some great online outlet for furniture https://www.clicknbuyaustralia.com/furniture/ even here in Melbourne Australia.
  23. I have been thinking to start an online business in Australia and Canada. After going through a numbers of ideas I finally got stick to one that is Affiliate Business. Starting with affiliate business is kinda tough, you need to understand the market and its demand in the target market. Then I need a Website, a professional website that could stand out of the crowd and become the source of attraction. Therefore, I required a web development company which can get this done for me.
  24. Tutoring Centre

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  25. Tutoring Centre is a leading Selective School Entrance coaching class Tutoring, We provide quality education by Expert Tutors in Cranbourne for year 1 to year 12. Tutoring Center Cranbourne is best when willing to get selected in selective school exams for Cranbourne West, Carrum Downs, Melbourne, Skye, Lynbrook, Berwick, Narrewarren, Lyndhurst, Frankston, Langwarrin. more details, Click here... http://www.tutoringcentre.net/cranbourne.html Tutoring Centre 6 Universal Way, Cranbourne West, VIC 3977 Contact no: 03 8738 0356 / 04 0131 5804 Mail id: cranbournewest@i-ekc.com
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  27. Ricks121

    Moving to Melbourne from Perth

    Hey I am also an outsider. I moved to Australia a year back and really enjoy the place. People are really good and so the ambiance. Wanna know more about the city? Check out my article - Life in Melbourne. Melbourne is a great place to start a new life.
  28. Mornington teen anonymous

    High schools near Mornington

    I'm in year 11 and want to do VCE however my current school doesn't offer it. I need to move schools in order to do this in the 2 year time frame and don't think that I would be able to stick with Distance Education. I have been doing some research on schools near me however however don't know very many people from other high schools on the Mornington Peninsula so don't have any unbiased opinions. I have been looking at Padua College but I would love second opinions and some other people's experiences with Padua and the other schools around. I used to attend Mornington Secondary College however I found it to be a terrible place to attend. I would like to do Psychology, Legal studies, Health and human development and philosophy however am willing to change depending on the school. Any feedback on schools in the Mornington Peninsula area would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.
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