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    • I got estimate prices of $749 for selling a house conveyancing  from
    • No Indiana, not yet.  We have been out here for six years on 21 May 2017 (two days ago).  There are just over 2000 on the waiting list and they only get through 300 applications per year, so we have about 6.5 years to wait.  But at least we can stay until we are approved and we can travel outside Australia, money permitting, if we want too.  We went to the United Kingdom last May/June to visit family and friends.  That was great but I would not like to move back permanently.  We only have our UK State Pensions to live on which remains at the same rate as the day we left.  I wonder what happens to those pensioners living in EU countries like Spain when UK leaves.  One of our daughters has bought a Unit as an investment and allows us to live there rent free until we don't need it any more.  She also pays our electric bills and water rates so we are very lucky.  We help her in other ways so it evens out.
    • Want to watch British TV in Australia? Flip TV offers a great value BBC package which includes BBC First, BBC Knowledge, UKTV, Cbeebies and BBC World News for just $9.95 a month. Right now when you sign up to the BBC pack, you’ll also get access to 4 great Box Music channels completely free! See British TV packages here    What’s included with Flip TV packages: ·         Integrated 7-day TV guide ·         Live Stream Football from the NSW and Victorian National Premier League ·         35+ Integrated Free to Air channels ·         10+ News and Entertainment Apps including YouTube, Euronews and the Weather Channel.   Who is Flip TV? Flip TV is a leading IPTV company based and operating in Australia, delivering worldwide content via the internet direct to your TV for seamless and reliable viewing of your favourite overseas shows. We deliver English, Bosnian, Croatian, Macedonian, Serbian, Greek, Maltese, Polish, Portuguese, Spanish, Chilean and South American communities with access to the world of television connecting them to their culture back home, fast and effectively. From just $9.95 a month, with no monthly contract, Flip TV is an affordable addition to your home entertainment system.   How can I get Flip TV or just want to find out more? You can sign up with Flip TV online here: or by calling our friendly sales and customer service team on 1300 354 788.   Life in Victoria and Flip TV Exclusively for Life in Victoria members, you’ll receive a special offer of 2 MONTHS FREE subscription. Simply quote the promo code: 'Life in Victoria' during sign up online or on the phone.
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