Please can anyone answer the following questions about the Visitor Subclass 600 Visa?......I would be very grateful. I'm only in the early stages of this process and want to gather information before I proceed further. Hoping once in Australia to apply for 884/864 aged parent visa.

1. Who can certify the documents.......I can't find a list anywhere.

2. If the documents have to be dated when certified, how near to date of application should they be dated.

3. When is the visa activated?

4. Is there a time limit between the date the visa is granted to when I would have to travel to Australia?

5. I know that I will have to provide proof of change of name. As I'm divorced, I no longer have a marriage certificate to show this, as you have to return this when you divorce in the UK.
I do have a police CRB check certificate dated 2008 showing both my maiden and married names, do you think this would be suitable?

Thanks very much to anyone who can spare the time to reply.