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      Victorian Seletive and Specialised State Schools

      Enrichment programs offer further extension for students of ability. Following is a list of Victorian schools with enrichment programs, and a brief description of the program.

      Select Entry

      There are now four select entry government schools in Victoria. Beginning in Year 9, these schools are committed to providing a challenging and fulfilling education to students of high ability. These schools are: Melbourne High School (for boys), MacRobertsons (for girls), Nossal High School (co-ed) and Suzanne Cory High School (co-ed).

      Information on how to apply, practice tests, and tips on sitting the entrance examination, visit the DEECD Victoria.

      Select Entry Accelerated Learning Program (SEAL)

      There are currently 34 government schools in Victoria offering the Select Entry Accelerated Learning Program (SEAL), and these are listed below with website links. Students usually complete Years 7-10 in 3 years. The year gained can be utilised to undertake VCE extension studies, or to enter university a year early.

      Entrance exams are held early in the year prior to entry. Applications must be made with individual schools. The schools listed below offer the Select Entry Accelerated Learning program.
      Balwyn High School http://www.balwynhs.vic.edu.au/home/home.bhs
      Bellarine Secondary College http://www.bellarinesc.vic.edu.au/
      Belmont High School http://www.bhs.vic.edu.au/
      Box Hill High School http://www.boxhillhs.vic.edu.au/
      Brighton Secondary College http://www.brightonsc.vic.edu.au/
      Brunswick Secondary College http://www.brunswick.vic.edu.au/
      Buckley Park College http://www.buckleyparkco.vic.edu.au/
      Dandenong High School http://www.dandenonghs.vic.edu.au/
      Eumemmerring College http://www.eumsc.vic.edu.au/
      Emerald Secondary College http://www.emeraldsc.vic.edu.au/
      Fairhills High School http://data.fairhillshs.vic.edu.au/new/
      Gladstone Park Secondary College http://www.gladstoneparksc.vic.edu.a...ndex.php?id=51
      Horsham College http://www.horsham-college.vic.edu.au/default.aspx
      Keilor Downs College http://www.kdc.vic.edu.au/
      Koo Wee Rup Secondary College https://ww4.kwrsc.vic.edu.au/default.aspx
      Lilydale High School http://www.lilydale.hs.vic.edu.au/
      Lyndale Secondary College http://www.lyndale.vic.edu.au/
      Matthew Flinders Girls Secondary College http://www.mfgsc.vic.edu.au/index.html
      McGuire College http://www.mcguireco.vic.edu.au/
      Mill Park Secondary College http://www.millparksc.vic.edu.au/
      Mordialloc College http://www.mcsc.vic.edu.au/
      Mount Clear Secondary College http://www.mtclearsc.vic.edu.au/
      Mount Erin College http://www.mounterin.vic.edu.au/
      Reservoir District Secondary College http://www.rdsc.vic.edu.au/
      Rosebud Secondary College http://www.rsc.vic.edu.au/index.htm
      Sale College http://salecollege.vic.edu.au/
      Staughton College http://www.staughtoncollege.vic.edu.au/
      Thornbury HS http://www.thornburyhs.vic.edu.au/
      Trafalgar HS http://www.trafhi.vic.edu.au/
      University HS http://www.unihigh.vic.edu.au/
      Wangaratta HS mailto:wangaratta.hs@edumail.vic.gov.au
      Warrnambool College http://www.wblcoll.vic.edu.au/portal....au/portal/pub
      Werribee Secondary College http://www.werribeesc.vic.edu.au/home.htm
      Westall Secondary College http://www.westallsc.vic.edu.au/
      Williamstown High School http://www.willihigh.vic.edu.au/
      Wonthaggi Secondary College http://www.wscnet.org.au/moodle/

      Extension Studies

      The current Extension Studies will become part of a new, broader program, Higher Education Studies within the VCE. This program will commence in 2012.

      The program will make available first year higher education studies drawn from bachelor degrees offered through both universities and TAFE. These are studies that are an extension of VCE studies or comprise curriculum not offered in any VCE studies. Link: VCAA

      Other Academic Enrichment Programs
      Koonung Secondary College, Mont Albert North - A High Achievers Program is offered, which challenges students of high ability, while allowing them to progress through school with their age peers. http://www.koonung.vic.edu.au/
      Lowanna College, Gippsland -offers Monash University Tertiary Links Program http://www.lowanna.vic.edu.au/
      Mount Waverley SC, Mount Waverley - Students may be involved in enrichment programs, the Monash University Enhancement Program or tertiary Mathematics offered by the University of Melbourne (MUPHAS). http://www.mwsc.vic.edu.au/
      Mullauna College, Mitcham - Offers an Extension Program for high achievers , to further develop individual talent. http://www.mullauna.vic.edu.au/
      Northcote High School, Northcote- An Advanced Curriculum Extension Programe (ACE) is offered. While not an acceleration program, it emphasises higher level thinking skills and academic achievement, and also allows for VCE subjects to be undertaken from Year 10. Northcote High School has been a Science and Technology Centre since 1996, and from 2008, The STELR Science Curriculum Pilot will be implemented, as only one of 4 schools nationally, focusing on the science of renewable energy. http://www.nhs.vic.edu.au/index.php
      St Helena's College, Eltham North offers the Accelerated Curriculum and Enrichment (ACE) program, which is a full 6 years of study with an enriched VCE. Students who are not part of the ACE program, but who have clear talents in a particular area, can take part in other enrichment activities. http://www.sthelena.vic.edu.au/index.htm
      Upwey HS, Upwey Offers accelerated studies in either Maths or English, and enrichment programs in other subject areas. http://www.upweyhs.vic.edu.au/
      Viewbank College, Rosanna - Viewbank College is a member of the Enhanced/Acceleration Education network. This program compacts the first 4 years of study, allowing more breadth and extension over the senior years. http://www.viewbank.vic.edu.au/

      Arts and Sport

      Blackburn High School, Blackburn - Specialist Music School http://www.blackburnhs.vic.edu.au/
      Essendon Keilor College, Essendon Niddrie and Keilor - In a partnership with the Melbourne International Tennis School, Essendon Keilor College offers a specialist program combining academic work at the college with tennis coaching designed to prepare students for the international tennis circuit. This school also has a High Achievers program, through which an extension core curriculum is offered. http://www.ekc.vic.edu.au/
      Macleod College, Mcleod - Specialist Music School http://www.macleod.vic.edu.au/index.html
      McKinnon Secondary College, McKinnon - Specialist Music School http://www.mckinnonsc.vic.edu.au/
      Mill Park Secondary College, Mill Park- Specialises in the arts and sport. An Extension and Enrichment Program is offered for particularly talented students. Mill Park SC is also a SEAL school. http://www.millparksc.vic.edu.au/
      University High School, Carlton - Specialist Music School. The Music program operates across the full breadth of the curriculum and all students are encouraged to participate in the instrumental music program. Some 350 students currently receive instrumental tuition and perform in one or more of the School's twelve orchestras, bands and choirs. http://www.unihigh.vic.edu.au/main.htm
      Victorian College of the Arts Secondary School, Southbank - A state school which specialises in music and dance alongside academic studies for 200 talented students who are accepted via competitive audition. http://www.vcass.vic.edu.au/

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      Do you know of any schools which are in Melbourne area which have Performing Arts Status (Dance/Drama)?
      Many Thanks

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      Hi Louise
      this one would be the best Victorian College of the Arts Secondary School, Southbank - A state school which specialises in music and dance alongside academic studies for 200 talented students who are accepted via competitive audition. http://www.vcass.vic.edu.au/